The way people and businesses buy your products and services has changed - forever.


Unlike the old days, your prospect is undergoing the initial stages of the sales process without you. They are researching and educating themselves on how to solve their problem long before they pick up the phone. If your business doesn’t feature prominently in their research, your phone won’t ring.

Today every business needs a digital footprint. We help you make yours coherent and effective at communicating with your audience. Using a case by case approach we orchestrate elements from each of the following disciplines to execute the tactics of your digital strategy and help you maintain reliable revenue.



Unified Digital Marketing


We offer professional and convenient integrated marketing systems that free up business owners so they can focus on their core services. Our focus is on Return on Investment and Reliable Revenue. You can draw on our wide knowledge-base across many specialised digital fields. We’ll provide expert overviews and strategies to enable you to move forward in both the digital and off line space. We have access to specialists with whom we’ve been working for decades. No matter where your business is at or what your goals are, we can offer solid advice and a critical path to help. We have worked with the following great organisations. 



Our principals and team leaders are experienced digital professionals with many years in their respective fields. We deliver the kinds of results your could expect from a big agency, without the big agency attitude.



Bachelor Arts - Film & Media, Culture & Politics
Post Grad. Studies in Eastern Philosophy  |  Linkedin

Abir offers multiple sector business experience and a deeply grounded knowledge to guide any organisation in producing results across the digital space. He equips local and international clients with effective and memorable creative and technical solutions and has successfully designed and deployed hundreds of websites, alongside branding, motion, video, animation and audio project engagements.

He has assisted individuals and organisations with corporate documentation and rich media assets for entity start-up, early stage investment and for the securing of finance with a focus on innovative, disruptive technologies.

He offers over 20 years of industry experience coupled with an in-depth understanding of the creative and production aspects of multi-disciplinary media asset development as applied to web, screen, print, audio and motion design.



Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts-Literature
Microsoft Certified Professional and Solutions Developer


Jayson manages all technical development for Coeus. He is a software developer with 20 years’ experience in developing enterprise level software and web applications. 

He also has a law degree and several years of legal practice experience.

He has project managed application development projects ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000+ for State and National governments, multi-national corporations, universities and a variety of small, medium and large enterprises managing and leading teams from 1 to 15 members.

Jayson is a family man, married since 2000 and raising 3 sons.


What Our Clients Say

Abir’s pragmatic approach and clear thinking helped me distill my thoughts and get great results. With his creativity and sense of humour, working with Abir is a positive, uplifting experience.
— Joanna Schuurman, Founder - Ediqo
There is no doubt that Abir is an excellent communicator, both verbally and visually. What makes him unique is his ability to guide and coach his clients in creating the same level of crisp and fresh communication about their product or service. With over 20 years in both digital and print media, he has a deep understanding of how to orchestrate clear and influential messages via a range of media.

Unlike many in the marketing advisory space, Abir is well versed in many forms of promotional media. This means he is able to give unbiased advice that is not constrained to a limited skill set.

When it comes to working with clients, Abir has proven that he grasps complex concepts easily. Moreover, he has a rare ability to distil the essence of complex ideas into a simple marketing message that appeals to the right target audience. You could say that Abir has a special skill in seeing both the forest and the trees when it comes to communicating ideas to potential clients and stakeholders.
— James McNamara, Leadership Expert
We originally engaged Abir as a web creative, but quickly realized he could make a more expansive strategic contribution. Abir produces sharp, incisive work on time and helps you deliver something better than you thought it could be because he thinks about the customer and their business and what they are trying to achieve and in assisting with an outcome brings a lifetime of experience to the table.
— Paul Frederiks, CFO & Secretary - Discovery Metals
I have worked with Abir Tarafdar and his team over the past 18 months. They have provided us with 80 websites for our global team. It’s not only the exceptional and creative work we’re happy with, Abir comes as a dynamic by-product. That is, his intelligent and entrepreneurial insights and pearls of IT brilliance have helped us reshape our marketing program for greater success.
— John Grant, Founder - YB12 Coach
I’ve worked with Abir for many years now and genuinely rate him as one of the best designers / animators / story tellers that I’ve worked with. He has always delivered what’s needed to get the job done. That’s seen him work with me at all times of day and night; from a range of locations - including the middle of the Simpson Desert; and sometimes, at breakneck speed to turn things around. One of the things I like the best about working with Abir is that he has a flare for taking extremely complex concepts, and turning them into something that people understand. It’s saved my bacon more than a few times!
— Jane Lowe, Founder - The IR Department
As State Director of the United Nations YEYP Network, I worked directly with Abir and his team. From the beginning to end, he ensured they had listed every requirement, and facilitated a seamless process with an ideal end product. Abir has a unique knack for extracting the core narrative of an organisation and translating it for the web.
— Charlie Shandil, State Director UN - YEYP
I have worked with Abir since 2006, during which time Abir provided me with excellent support in the areas of strategic marketing, website design, site optimisation, search engine analysis and site architecture. Abir’s work has been a major success in many of the strategic marketing initiatives we have rolled out over the years. He has been instrumental in website’s success, helping us achieve strong presence across the mining industry. I can confidently recommend Abir as true professional and reliable expert across digital marketing.
— Harry Mostert, national manager - Patriot Environment Group
Abir was an instrumental player in the development of one of the first multimedia cdrom systems in the world; being present right at its inception. Abir helped develop the front-end interface for that system alongside all of the video components required for its delivery. Those were pioneering and exciting times!
— Ivan Hawkes, Golden Dawn Research
Abir created a video for Anatara, and did a great job. He had an excellent grasp of our technology and what we were trying to achieve. He managed to capture it all and present it in an engaging and interesting way.
— Tracey Mynott, Chief Scientific Officer - Anatara Lifesciences
I have worked with Abir and the team for decades and their work is top class, particularly in terms of engaging creative work, turning words into a captivating narrative, and building web traffic.
— Andrew Robertson, Multiunit Franchise Owner
Abir always grasps the client’s brief quickly and produces standout products that attract attention from customers and investors. Its for that reason I’ve repeatedly asked Abir for design and creation of websites, annual reports and prospectuses over the past decade.
— Phil Hutchings, CEO - North Power NZ
Abir has designed a number of websites and brochures for us and his approach and attention to detail keep us coming back to him.
— Brian Ruddle, Founder - The Impact Innovation Group
I have engaged Abir in the past on several projects in digital design, animation and SEO technologies. He is committed to creating products that pay for themselves so that the client receives an instant benefit to his many and varied services. Abir is a polished communicator - its always a pleasure to work with him. He has a canny way of making workflow process fun and irreverent. He has a beautiful mind that never stops thinking about the end result.
— Adam Freeman, Restaurateur
Abir was instrumental in helping design and build our first website and online shop for our small farm. His down to earth and enthusiastic approach to guiding us with what was truly practical for our business and web admin resources as well as creating a site within our budget, with focus on understanding our story and branding needs, really ‘hit the mark’ for us. We still often get positive feedback from our website users, several years down the track.
— Deri-Anne Wyatt, Angelica Organic Farm